My Pledges for Saxon Shore

At the May 2015 election

I committed to working with my Conservative Colleagues to keep your Council tax the lowest in Kent. We have had to increase this slightly, and the other precepting authoroties such as KCC< Police and fire services and your Parish Councils, have also made increase in the past 4 years. Nevertheless, Ashford Borough Council's portion still remains the lowest in Kent, and we continue to be committed to taht movomg forward.

Making sure that residents know about planned development and get actively involved so that their voice is heard was another commitment that I have worked hard to deliver. Saxon Shore now has one of the highest registration levels by residents for online planning alerts from ashford Borough Council and I have not only represented the Ward at a number of Planning applications at Council, but i have also held more than 10 public meetings accross the ward to deal with planning issues, hear your views and keep you informed. There have been a number of workshops and open days for proposals such as Otterpool, the Ashford Local plan, village confines, Neigbourhood plans, and aggressive developments such as from Gladman.
Since 2015, I have been working with Peter Brett associates on your behalf, – with the support of residents in Aldington, Bonnington, Brook, Hastingleigh, Ruckinge, Bilsington, Brabourne and Smeeth, and with local Parish councils, to bring about change in planning policy, with the creation of a tailored framework to protect rural areas from the creep of development.
THis is bearing positive fruit at both national and local level, and is something I will continue to a positive outcome.

I pledged to continue to resolve drainage issues- and after a £1.2 million investment from Southern Water, are well on the way to resolving the 20+ year issues- 2019/20 I hope will see the final phase completed.
Brodaband services have been improved with new exchanges installed in Aldington and Bilsington, but there is still much to be done.

January 2019 is already almost at an end and my last newsletter was already 6 weeks ago

– so I wanted to lay out what I will be working on in the next few months:

Continuing to press for a strong commitment to adoption of the landscape Protection Policy as a policy to protect rural areas and improve the creativity and quality of rural housing.

Fighting aggressive developments such as 18/00225/AS – 80 homes in Aldington

Working to deliver local homes for local people that remain in perpertuity for all villages

Pressing KCC to get proper re-assessment of rural road speed limits in areas such as Bilsington, Bonnington Cross, Bromley Green Road

Attacking Fly-tipping and beginning a campaign to get greater penalty enforcement

in addition, I will always be available if you have any specific or personal concerns.