Party Political

I am a passionate Conservative and as such am very involved in Party Politics.

As a local member, I support the Cause in Faversham, Canterbury ,Folkestone and Ashford as well as campaigning further afield as and when by-elections and General Elections call for support.
In Saxon Shore I was the Campaign co-ordinator elections and events throughout my time as the Councillor and until May 2019.

in 2016 I worked on the ConservativeIN Campaign to remain in the EU, because although I felt Europe wasn’t right, I felt that we could have a chance to change it if we kept our seat at the table. I respect democracy and thus the result, and am committed now to delivering the best Brexit for Britain. The intransigence of the EU negotiators has disappointed me greatly and confirmed my worst fear, that they are hell bent to not respect the result of the vote. This together with Remain MP’s and others, who cannot accept the result, means I no longer consider myself a supporter to that cause. I feel strongly that Britain MUST LEAVE with or without a deal.

In the 2017 and 2015 elections, I supported a number of the campaigns for our local elected members and was also a campaign co-ordinator for the recent Borough elections in Ashford.