Kennington – Lets make a stink!

The Water Treatment Works just off Canterbury Road, Kennington have created foul smelling odours for years. Cllr Marion Martin, who stood down in May 2019, worked tirelessley to seek a resolution.

Public meetings were held to hear resident issues and to offer Southern Water an opportunity to remedy the issue; Resident visits to the site were organised, and assisted SW in being able to pinpoint the exact area where the odours emanate from. SW promised much and have delivered little. Letters to the local Council, MP and environment Agency by Marion, as well as meetings with all stakeholders on a number of occasions, did not succeed in any real change. Marion therefore escalated issues by creating a petition and writing to the Minister for the Environment. The response was to push the issue back to the local authority. This will not get a resolution.

As a Kennington Community Representative for Little Burton Farm, I believe we should not accept the current state of affairs, and think we need to return to expecting SW to remedy the issue.
I have asked the local Borough representative, together with the County Member to act on our behalf, but as yet have received no response.

This is a danger to health
It is inconvenient and limits well being
It damages quality of life
It ruins children and family ability to use their gardens or even have windows open
It affects resident ability to re-sell their properties


The Ashford Local Plan makes provision for 1000’s more homes in the direct vicinity without seeking to resolve the issue.

The issue will be debated at the Environmental Committee of the Community Council on Thursday October 31st at the Julie Rose Stadium at 19.15. The public are welcome to attend and I will be giving a full report and proposing a way forward.

I am preparing a new letter to Ministers as the team has changed, in the hope that we can get some movement on pressing Southern Water.

Lets make a stink of a political kind on this issue!!

If you haven’t already signed the Petition please do below: