SOS Postboxes ! Saved thanks to YOU!

It is excellent news that- after your representations and letters to the Parish Council- it has been overwhelmingly approved to retain the telephone boxes in both Shottenden and Old Wives Less.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to write in and support the cause to keep them!!!

BT have given Parish Councils the opportunity to acquire these iconic relics of our history for £1 each.

I remember using the one in Shottenden often, with 2 pence pieces!

This is a small act in ensuring that we retain the history and character of our area. Shottenden residents already have been creative in how the box is to continue life and I know ideas are already flowing for Old Wives Lees, who have the luxury of 2 boxes!

A vital part of rural life, and in their heyday, the key source of connection to the wider world, these are special in the history of our villages.