The Brexit debate and the referendum, have created much devision and rancour. After 22 years living in Europe, I instinctively knew that Europe needed to change but that it was not ready for change. I believe that seeking the necessary change would have been easier from within – with a seat at the table. I also felt very strongly, that if Britain was to succeed in getting change, it would need to see things from a European perspective. For that reason I voted to Remain, and was actively involved in the Kent Campaign.

The referendum delivered the decision to leave, I respect that result, and believe strongly that all politicians from what ever Party, should be working to deliver a clean Brexit on March 29th in accordance with Britain’s wishes.
Now that we have made a decision, I think it is important that we stand strong and true to what we have decided.
The negotiations have delivered what I feared – a union sticking together to force a u- turn on the decision, as a form of self preservation, and a Britain, unable to see things from a European perspective- a must in order to get any real compromise. In the words of Margarert Thatcher ” U-turn if you want to, the lady’s not for turning” Britain should stand firm.
Some Countries do well inside the Union- but as a whole Europe’s share of world wide output is falling – projected to be 30% less in the next 2 decades, so now that we have decided to leave, it is right that we seek to build trade agreements elsewhere and work with the short-term inconveniences that will undoubtedly come our way, in order to secure a better long term future.

“Defeat? I do not recognise the meaning of the word.” Margaret Thatcher 1987