Archive for Month: July 2018

  • Universal Credit rollout

      I understand that residents who are due to receive universal credit in Saxon Shore have been assigned to Folkestone and are needing to travel there to sort out their paperwork. This is an error from DWP and Ashford Borough Council have confirmed last night that anyone who wishes to transfer back to Ashford to…

  • Government Inspector Examination of the Local Plan

    The local plan was examined by the Government Inspectorate during April- June. I made 3 resperesentations in person to speak on behalf of Saxon Shore, and also sent written representations prior to the examination begin. Whilst we await the full Inspector report, summary findings have been reported and can be found on the Council website.…

  • The Big Traffic Conversation

        The Consultation into the future of local transport services in Kents rural areas has begun.  Have your say by attending one of the meetings, and completing the consultation questionnaire.