Planning Committee Planning Application 16/01818/AS


16/01828/AS Land to the rear of Ragstone Hollow, Aldington, Kent

Ward member submission


Aldington Parish is desperately in need of truly affordable homes for local people. A  local need housing survey conducted in 2015 demonstrated a strong need for at least 16 homes.

This application has been widely debated in the village and residents largely support its approval because these are delivering for local need. It is in line with Paragraph 17 of the NPPF seeking to meet the housing needs of the area, is also utilising a brownfield site, enhancing the visual impact on the built up area and on the open green space adjacent.

Whilst the loss of the land has caused concern as noted on pages 5.6 and 5.7 of the Officer’s report, due to loss of temporary parking, the planners and the Housing department have gone to great lengths to add additional parking to minimise the loss and to create a formal parking area that improves the look of this amenity.

I welcome the officer recommendation in paragraph 27on page 5.13 to impose a condition ensuring windows from plot 3 do not overlook neighbouring properties, and I ask the Committee to include this in the application.

I would ask however that consideration be given to the commencement of development. Aldington has been deluged by development in the main village area. One development has just come to completion and another across the road from Ragstone Hollow has just begun.

As ward member I support the application and commend the Officers report.

The Officers report can be seen via the below link: