Modular Housing one solution to the housing crisis?


I recently attended a number of events looking into Modular Housing as part of the solution to the housing crisis, and inĀ  particular, to the social housing crisis.

Modular homes are modern Prefabs

  • Modular Homes are designed for the 21st century, they are cost effective, quick to build and energy efficient.
  • Modular Homes meet all regulations and are fully covered by accredited insurers such as Premier, NHBC or Checkmate dependent on the supplier
  • It is possible to obtain a mortgage on such a home and they have a lifespan of 60 years

There are housing associations providing these as social housing

  • what better way of encouraging social rent candidates to get involved in custom building their own home?
  • What better way of giving people a real chance to get on the housing ladder?
  • What better way of solving the local need in areas where affordable homes are not made available to local people and are too unaffordable? These homes could then remain in perpetuity for the local area and be used as a staircase to ownership by those who so wish.

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