Rural means Rural





The Campaign for “Rural means Rural” is the voice of residents in the village of Ruckinge  and other villages in Saxon Shore and Kent who are worried by

  • The amount of development in  the rural areas
  • The scale of developments and the sheer number of developments
  • The damage this is doing to rural living, the ecological system
  • What rural areas will look like in years to come and the damage this will do to others being able to enjoy the beauty and specialness of rural living.

We are seeking to present this petition to Ministers in Parliament who are responsible for rural community, countryside and food and agriculture.

The petition seeks to gain adoption in planning law for our Landscape Protection Policy that WE created TOGETHER in 2016

  • In supporting us with your signature we have a real chance to seek to prevent large developments such as the Proposals on  Calleywell lane  because of its scale, harm to the existing rural setting and because it will be another in a lone line of development over the past few years
  • In supporting our petition and the LPP, you will be sending a clear message Enough is Enough
  • In signing the petition you will give Ruckinge and Bromley Green Road, a chance to avoid disruption and chaos from developers and drainage issues
  • You can view the detail of the Landscape Protection Policy here:
  • Sign our petition on one of our door to door visits or here: