What is Otterpool and why is it important for Saxon Shore?

Otterpool is a proposed Garden Village, planned for the old Folkestone Racecourse on 700 hectares of land.
If approved, this development will deliver 12000 homes over a 30 year period, in a Garden village environemt, geared to offer large areas of green open space and countryside. 40% of the development with be devoted to Green spaces, accessible to the public, and there will be a mix of houses- 1,2,3, 4 and 5 bed properties, soe self build, together with 3-6 storey blocks of flats.

This development will deliver an extension to HS1 to Westenhanger station,new Primary schools, secondary schools, a new road network and health facilities.


This development is important to Saxon Shore because of the impact it will have on our infrastructure due to its close proximity. The Boundary encroaches to within a few metres of the Saxon Shore and Ashford boundary and the development will need to feed into the existing rural road network.


There will be some public workshops to get your views workshop19225599_2006409932923113_4154837482884165115_n
The red line on the map outlines the Otterpool development, the blue line shows the Saxon Shore and Ashford boundary and its close proximity to Otterpool.