My Letter to the Leader

I recently wrote to the Leader of the Council to request clarity what improvements have been recently made to rural areas.

“at the AGM on Friday, you promoted the fact that ABC are doing a lot for all the rural areas. I was surprised as my ward and most other rural areas have not seen any measurable improvements, brought about as a result of what ABC are doing themselves, or in conjunction with other organizations.

Aldington has been bombarded with development and had no improvement to its road infrastructure, bus service, and doctor’s surgeries. The Primary School despite expansion, is over subscribed in most years and has recently refused Aldington residents a place. Other villages such as Bilsington, Brook, Hastingleigh, Ruckinge have poor bus services to Ashford- meaning a whole day excursion with one or two bus changes just to get to the William Harvey. Internet services are a debacle – despite all the hullabaloo we are failing rural residents massively.

Where I live, is now to “benefit” from uncontrolled development permission in the emerging plan ( HOU4) despite being isolated, having roads inundated with crater potholes caused by permitting HGV traffic on roads ill equipped to deal with them and having no local shop,pub, post office with basically only a school bus during term time. My nearest train station, 3 miles away no longer benefits from free parking, and the village of Chilham is also being bombarded with development inappropriate for the village setting. Where is the benefit you as Borough representatives were speaking of? I would be interested to know specifically which areas have benefited from ABC initiatives.”