Saxon Shore DIG

The first DIG meeting was held and we now have teams working on the submission for the whole ward.

Some Parishes have already submitted their views via their Parish Councils and this working group will integrate these submissions into the report.

The group will be examining the current 7 sites that are being considered in Saxon Shore:

Aldington – ALP 2060, ALP1825

Brabourne and Smeeth- ALP1862, ALP 1842,ALP 2497, ALP2704

Ruckinge, Ham St, Shadoxhurst – ALP 2623

In addition, they will be examining the effects placed on the Ward by surrounding developments in Shadoxhurst, Warehorne, Ham Street, Kingsnorth, Mersham, Park Farm and Cheesemans Green, and looking at the recommended policies that are being included in the plan that affect the area, such as HOU3 and 4.

We expect to have a draft proposal in May, in time for the public consultation into the plan in summer.
In the meantime, I will be presenting a report prior to the Planning Polic Task Group- who will be shortlisting potential sites on February 23rd.