Closure of Public toilets in Ashford town centre

A decision has been taken to close the public toilets initially in the Vicarage Lane car park and later, in New rents. Those in Victoria park will not close.

This decision concerns me as it is a decision that I consider badly thought through. The reasons given for the closure are that these toilets are constantly vandalised and I accept that this needs to be stopped. Nevertheless, I do think a public consultation should have taken place and that residents had been given a chance to suggest alternatives.

In addition, no discussion had been facilitated, until complaints by myself and some residents, with the disabled community who rely greatly on thees facilities.

The Council’s solution is to rely on local business to pen up their toilets for public use agains payment of between £500 and £1000 per year. Currently there are 12 participating businesses – 3 of the premises being Council owned – the Council offices in Tannery lane, the Gateway, and New Rents toilets that are planned also for closure. restroom-99226_1280