Council Tax

The budget for the 16/17 financial year has been agreed both at ABC and KCC and with considerable cuts to government grant it has been a challenging time.
As a Council, we are committed to delivering value for money services, whilst Honouring our promise to keep our portion of your Council tax the lowest in Kent, and one of the lowest in the UK.

At ABC after a 4 year freeze, our portion of your Council tax will rise by £4.55. This year all preceptors (authorities, who receive portions of the council tax) have made increases, and this includes considerable increases by your local Parish Councils.

Ashford Borough Council is the collecting authority, and the below graph show that we collect the tax for all the preceptors, retaining only 10pence of every £ collected for the services we provide. What is important for any authority, when deciding a rise, is that they put value for money and the effective delivery of local services at the top of their lists of priorities. At ABC, we place this at the heart of all the decisions we make.

If anyone has any questions on how their Council tax is calculated and where the money is spent, I will be happy to help but you can see a summary of ABC, KCC, Kent Fire and Police & your local Parish Council levies by clicking on the following link:
Cllr tax spend2 001 (2)