This week in Saxon Shore

Enclosed at some highlights from my work on your behalf; The last week has seen me organize and attend the Steering Committee to solve problems with Bromley Green Road Ruckinge drainage and Sewage issues. This was attended by KCC, ABC Environmental, Southern Water, residents and was chaired by Damian Collins MP. This has already been covered in the press and has produced some very positive results for residents with financial reimbursement, token payments for reflection of inconvenience and a commitment to a long term solution, potentially costs up to £1 million in the next 9 months. The next meeting will be in June where Southern Water will deliver their long term solution and timetable.

I am delighted to have been appointed to the East Kent NHS Foundation Trust with the first meeting on March 16th. This will be very time intensive, but I am keen to become more involved in NHS issues, and to shaping how Kent goes forward.

I attended the Bilsington Village Hall play on Saturday, and found the play interesting and something quite different- a great turnout and some badly needed funds raised.
I am also pleased that my efforts and that of the KCC member Andrew Wickham, have meant that Knoll Hill is now partially open, so that traffic can flow despite the on-going repair works.

I will be attending the Brook Coffee morning on Thursday, and have prepared my report for the inspectorate regarding the Solar Farm in Church Lane Aldington that has gone to appeal.

This week, I will also submit my report on Site submissions for the Ward.

Next week I will be briefly attending Aldington Parish Council, the Soap Box Derby Committee meeting, Hastingleigh Parish Council, Ruckinge Parish Council and a briefing at ABC for Council candidates.