Rural Broadband

the issue of the KCC and Defra superfast Broadband rollout has been met with many challenges. A number of areas now have the capacity, but residents still cant access theservice, due mainly to individually connected telephone lines to exchanges. Unfortunately, as KCC are doing the rollout and BT are very pretective of their data, KCC can only know this oncea roll out commences.

I have found the help and support from the key KCC officers to be first rate at solving any challenges. To this end, I have a meeting with the Principal officer on the project in Maidstone on 26th Jan.

If you could supply me with any specific challenges, street names and postcodes then I can follow this up. Residents need and should be aware that they can check whether their street or postcode is included in the rollout, by checking at

I am particularly interested in areas that do have the service but where residents cant get access to a faster speed, and those areas not covered.

Those in Aldington centre who received a letter from me in autumn 2014 regarding the upgrade of their exchange need not respond as this is in hand. rural-Broadband2