Archive for Month: January 2015

  • My latest Newsletter

    This is being delivered now to all homes in the Ward

  • Bromley Green Road Steering Committee

    The first meeting of the Bromley Green Raod Steering Committee will be on Friday 27th February in Bromley Green Road village Hall I will be sending out details of Committee members and the Agenda shortly.

  • My report to the Planning Committee on 14/0681AS

    Below is a copy of my report to the Planning Committee on behalf of the residents of Aldington regarding: Planning Application No:14/00681/AS Location: Land abutting Celak Close SE of Callywell Lane Aldington, Kent. Application: Erection of 41 dwellings with access from Callywell land together with associated parking, landscaping and open spaces. This site adopted into…

  • Rural Broadband

    the issue of the KCC and Defra superfast Broadband rollout has been met with many challenges. A number of areas now have the capacity, but residents still cant access theservice, due mainly to individually connected telephone lines to exchanges. Unfortunately, as KCC are doing the rollout and BT are very pretective of their data, KCC…