Bromley Green Road residents meeting

Following Southern Waters failure to solve the 20 year ongoing problems with the sewage and surface Water system in Bromley Green Road in Ruckinge, Borough Councillor Jane Martin has called a residents meeting with Southern Water and Kent County Council, inviting the local MP Damian Collins, to chair the meeting, in an attempt to get some real closure on the issue.
Every year with the onset of heavy rainfall, residents suffer, backed up toilets, overflowing sewage pods, flooding and unusable showers and other facilities. Matters came to a head on Boxing Day 2013 when the Councillor was contacted by residents unable to use their toilets or showers. This unacceptable situation – been brought about by an out of date Vacuum sewage system that malfunctioned – and that was never built to accept surface water – continued well into February 2014, with residents having round the clock tankers parked outside their homes to empty sewage pods as they overflowed.
“I have been working on behalf of residents with ABC drainage & environmental teams, KCC officers and Southern Water to resolve this issue once and for all. In July I contacted Southern to gain assurances that the same debacle would not be repeated, and despite their best efforts, again with the onset of bad weather, the same problems have begun again.”
“As the elected representative I am here to provide answers for residents, and to solve problems, so having exhausted all other channels, I have called this meeting and involved our MP.”
The aim of the meeting, which will be attended by a 6 man contingent from Southern Water, KCC representation and ABC representation, as well as the Ward Members and residents, is to obtain an understanding of the exact issues, and a clear plan and timetable to solve the problem, with an immediate interim solution so that residents can enjoy their homes and the Christmas period without fear of a recurrence of these problems.
Resident Brendan Morrissey commented “ seeing a child on their new bike on boxing day, cycling through raw sewage water from the over flowing pods, was the last straw for me”
The meeting takes place on Friday 28th November in Bromley Green Village Hall at 6pm.

Please click on the link below to see the latest Kentish Express report on the issue; or go to my facebook page