Closing in on Rural Broadband

I am writing personally to you as I am aware of the concern surrounding the rollout of superfast Broadband services in Aldington and in particular, the inability of some households, such as yours, to access the service that is now available.

It does not seem at all logical that homes close to the Aldington exchange where the cabling is housed, are unable to receive the service.
The situation is that with the Exchange Only lines i.e. premises attached directly to the Exchange – largely those properties in the core of the village- the predicted speeds that are currently being received, increase the risk of complete omission from the deployment from the KCC rollout, as the technical set up that such lines have do not permit linking to the new service. (Basically, old technology incompatible with new.)
The cost of changing these lines is quite extreme and not something the provider is currently considering.

I have been working on your behalf on this for well over a year now and what KCC have now decided is that they will convert as many of those EO lines as possible themselves – by installing new cabinets in the forecourt of the Exchange building -and then fibre-enabling that cabinet.
I am not a technical person, but I have been assured by KCC experts in this field, that this should make the bulk of premises that currently cannot receive Superfast (ie 24Mbps+) able to do so.

The planning and technical feasibility work, needs to be completed first before any real prediction of speed can be accurately made, but obviously the aim is to provide a considerably faster service than at the moment.

Whilst I appreciate that it is frustrating to have to continue to wait, this is a sensational intervention by KCC on behalf of you the residents, and I am very pleased that the constant dialogue that has been in progress has borne a positive result. I have sent a note of personal thanks to the team in both KCC and ABC that have been working on this on your behalf.

In terms of timing, the conversion of those EO lines to Cabinet lines will take a little time with planning and development work beginning immediately & with continued coordination with BT in order to push the process forward quicker. Once this is complete KCC will fibre enable the Cabinet that should be able to commence in April 2015, and residents will then be in a position to take advantage of the superfast service.

Timings are approximate, as this is something that is being rolled out in conjunction with BT, and needs coordination, but it is a good step forward for the village.

Those homes not in this area are recommended to check on the KCC website by inputting their address on the postcode checker. This will tell them which phase of the rollout they will be in and approximately when they will therefore be eligible for the service. Once the fibre optic cabling has been laid in your area, you can then contact your provider and arrange for your service to be updated.

Work is continuing on getting a similar response to the challenges faced by other villages such as Bilsington and I should have news on this soon