ALD1 Summary of key points for the working group from Jane Martin Borough Councillor

– The planning application submitted in July was of great concern to ABC and has as a result, not been presented as planned to planning in August
– Taylor Wimpey will be required to redesign the plan & resubmit
– It is now expected to be on the Agenda at the October planning Committee on Monday 20th October
The key concerns for ABC are the following:
– The General Layout & Design of the development with particular focus on:
 The relationship of parking spaces, homes and the build to the open space
 Open space use as a focal point- the placement of the pumping station, the design of the pumping station, the lack of elevation drawings of this in the application.
 The lack of integration of the affordable homes, their design, and lack of personal space. The segregation of areas by gates – creating a them and us feeling
 Parking being at the front of the affordable homes and at right angles – is intrusive to the Street scene and visually unpleasing
 Types of home – model needs to be something like the homes on Roman Road opposite the Post office – concerns here relate to depths, roof pitches, timber finishing and doorways & plinths are an issue as is the quality of the materials suggested for use.
 On the entrance at Callywell lane some concern has arisen about making the homes tapered back into the development – this will obviously cost space
 Footpaths – link needs to be established with Housing 21 and the existing footpath crossing the site needs to be safe for residents- so not just bordered by gardens but also house frontages. This needs to be linked with the walkway in QW – see below
 The size of 2 particular plots including home size and garden
 The Suds requirements for the development
 Gradient & layout of some parking
 The degree of communication between Housing 21 and TW on issues such as Boarder Tree planting, Electricity substation usage
Quarry Wood
 TW have agreed to not use this as an access at all during the build
 There is right of way on the land owned by the management Company of Quarry Wood -this is a matter for the residents to pursue with TW
 There is also a footpath that crosses the land that TW wish to improve by laying a permanent tarmac- residents are in touch with TW on this
 No through road will be built and access once built will only be via the footpath.

In general ABC currently feels that this development does not build a community and would not adequately deliver something acceptable for Aldington.
All these points need to be improved and rectified to a satisfactory level, in order for the development to be acceptable for presentation at planning. As such they are in hand and do not need to be of any further concern. Taylor Wimpey is now embarking upon a redesign and the resubmitted plans will be available online as soon as they are complete. This is expected to be around 2-3 weeks from now.
For preparation for the planning committee, I would suggest waiting to prepare a report until the re worked proposal is on the table. I certainly won’t be allocating any time to this until I can analyse the new development, and get officers feedback. Once the new plan is in place, the WG can formulate the 3 minute response that the PC can give if they so wish – that reflects the feelings of the majority in the village
The Key areas where I would recommend the Working group now place their focus:
– Building on the work of the previous working group and keeping the village informed.
– A strategy to ease possible traffic challenges at the Mill Bridge that we can present to KCC as a credible possibility.
– Creation of a village communication system – perhaps using the website and community forums and the school to ensure last minute changes and variances to the plan as it is being executed, can be communicated two way – two representatives to act as the liaison with villagers, developer, Police and so on
– A Liaison with the PC on affordable homes and information as this will become a big issue as the build develops
– Communication officers to liaise with TW and Housing 21
– A member of the group that talks to other parishes with similar developments to learn how they are handling their development and ascertain best practice.
– Encouragement of all residents to register their comments online or by posts – both for and against the development, once the new plans are published- This could be backed up by an action week during the new consultation that will be around 14 days. It is to be noted however, that care needs to be taken not to push residents or to coerce them in any way to object or support. It is a resident’s choice whether they feel inclined to do so or not, and their comments should be their own.
– Attendance and a report on key points to learn from with regard to presentation at the September Planning Committee