Planning Application 14/00681/AS Quarry Wood

Planning Application ALD1 14/00681/AS Quarry Wood 
Following a meeting last week with planners and Taylor Wimpey, the current planning application has been rejected on design and character grounds. Major concerns have been raised on a whole host of issues and Taylor Wimpey now need to redesign the development.
This will be re-submitted to the Council planners within the next 3 – 4 weeks and will then be reassessed and a new short  consultation process for surrounding  residents will be implemented. It is expected that if acceptable to planners, the application will be submitted to the Planning Committee for a now new meeting on Monday October 20th. I will be speaking at this meeting on behalf of the village. 
It is imperative that Taylor Wimpey liaise with Housing 21 on their project, in order to ensure that residents are served in the best possible way, with the least disruption.
I have asked the Parish Council to ensure that one of the tasks undertaken by the working Group is to establish a good liaison team to work with both TW and Housing 21 throughout the developments, so that we can avoid some of the challenges faced by the Jarvis site.
Housing 21 is due for commencement sometime in early spring 2015, having been delayed by Ecological survey timings, and I will know more on this next week. 
It is definite that the route for all vehicular access to both of these sites will be via Callywell lane, there will be time restrictions on traffic and site work, and I am working with KCC on a solution to the challenges that will be created by traffic to  the bottleneck by the Milll, and will be consulting with the residents living there to get their feedback. 
There has recently been much consternation over the development and I appreciate that a number of residents feel this size of development should not be going ahead. The decision to permit this was taken with involvement of residents of Aldington, Parish and Borough Councillors in 2007 & 2009. Taylor Wimpey first came into the equation much later and presented their plans to  residents in 2013. I understand fully, that many of you feel that this was the first point at which you realized the development was going ahead. This is rather sad, as their were a number of opportunities to become involved, thus rendering little opportunity to overturn the decision. I do urge all of you to attend your Parish Council meetings wherever possible, as this is where these key issues are debated.
The agreement that a development is permitted on this land has been finalized- however Taylor Wimpey need to produce a development that is acceptable to planners and the Planning Committee. The current plan has not been judged as satisfactory, and TW need to completely redesign the development. 
What happens at the planning committee remains to be seen – being based on what TW present as the new revised plan. There are residents in Aldington who support the development, and others that do not. I would ask that you all take time to complete your comments and place these online in the portal or send to Ashford Borough Council directly, via Post or Email, so that we can make sure these comments on the layout, design, and general integration into the community, can be taken into account; The application is number 14/00681/AS.
With regard to Quarry Wood there has been confusion about the right of way – Taylor Wimpey own the land they intend to build on and have a right of way over the land in the hands on the residents management association for Quarry Wood. This means that TW can access their land via the resident owned land. They do not own the residents land, merely can access their land via it. It is however best practice that TW contact all residents prior to using this access and an apology was issued last week to all affected residents for their transgression earlier this month. I am intending to meet with the residents in QW to personally clear up the issue so that no further misunderstanding arise. Once we have a clear picture of the way forward I will let all residents know via a meeting.