A20 Hythe Road j/w Station Road, Smeeth

Below is a summary of the intended KCC improvements to the Smeeth/Aldington Crossraods.


Short term works

– Re-marking of the Station Road junction, with an adjustment to the position of the give way triangle marking.

– Replacement of the damaged direction sign on the north-west corner of the junction.

– Additional vegetation clearance in Station Road and on the A20 (westbound approach), to enhance visibility to the existing give way signs, advance warning signs, and advance direction signs.


Medium term works (CRM scheme, to be programmed for completion by 31/03/15)

– Re-location of the advance give way signs in Station Road, to further improve their visibility.

– Resurfacing of the Station Road side road junction, to a distance of 15m back from the give way line.

– Re-lining of the Station Road junction, with additional hatching on the left hand side, to square up drivers and address over-running of the give way by vehicles on the main road accessing the layby.

Whilst I welcome these improvements, I have concerns that they will be inadequete to solve the challenges of accidents, and I would be grateful for your comments and feedback, either here, or by Email.


– Upgrading the advance crossroads warning signs on the A20 by adding the ‘Reduce Speed Now’ plate and adding a yellow backing board.

– Upgrading the advance warning sign for the STOP junction on the north side (Church Road).

In respect of the CRM scheme, the plans are in the final stages of being prepared for my review. The scheme budget is £12,500. As an early warning, the proposed resurfacing of Station Road will require a road closure for three nights.