Updates for Aldington

Dear residents,

Having seen a number of comments on my Facebook page, and having received a few Emails, I wanted to let you know what the status is on a number of local issues, in order to put certain situations into perspective.
1. The solar Farm in Church Lane 14/00398
A planning application has been lodged and I am preparing a robust defence for the village based on your feedback.
An application of this size is  automatically referred to the Planning Committee and we are waiting for a date where this will be considered.  Until then, I am happy to take any comments or feedback for my report.
The residents directly affected by the site were consulted by letter on 29th April 2014, but there is no requirement for all residents in the village  to be notified by letter. Any resident that wishes to keep up to date can register for free on the Ashford Borough Council Website, and see the progress of the application by clicking on the link: http://planning.ashford.gov.uk/
I will robustly argue for the dismissal of the site at Council and I have spent the past few weeks getting up to speed on the previous 3 applications in the Borough.
2. The Solar Farm in Bank Road
Currently there has been no application and this will not happen until the landowner is happy that he has addressed the residents concerns following the recent consultation on the solar farm,  adequately enough to have a chance at success. As  a result of listening to residents concerns, Mr Wanstall, has placed a second suggestion to the Council for consideration. This, as with all new applications, needs an Environmental impact Assessment application, and this has duly been lodged.
This application considers whether a full Envirionmental Impact Assessment is required. If granted the assessment would then need to be completed. If none is required, this does not mean the Council consider there is no Environmental impact, rather that the effects are not considerable enough to merit it. We need to wait for the result.
Having 2 Sites currently being considered does not mean that 2 solar farms are being planned– rather that 2 sites for a solar farm are being considered, in order to best solve many of the concerns you have raised.  2 solar Farms in Bank Farm are impossible based alone on the available space in the Grid to accept the produced electricity, so I can assure you that there will not be 2 applications.
A planning application can only be lodged, once a decision on whether an EIA is required has been carried out, and if required, once the EIA has indeed been completed. This means that we need to wait the outcome of the requirement for an EIA.
EiA applications do not require resident notification, that is carried out once a formal application is lodged.
Both myself and the Landowner, agree that a site meeting is a sensible idea- so once a clear decision has been made as to THE site, myself or the Parish Council will inform you all, and a meeting will be arranged, so that residents can visit the site for themselves.
Democracy works in strange ways sometimes-the landowner here is listening to your concerns- that is why an alternative site is being looked at.  I do ask all of you to be patient- the process takes time – and as soon as we have information I will pass it on.
If anyone feels that they need to be kept more in the loop- please call me or look on my website or Facebook page for updates.
3. Extra Care Home
Contrary to many rumors this is still planned for commencement in August 2014 – Its completion will be circa October 2015
4. Jarvis Site- Badgers Close
The first families will be moving in in about 2 weeks. The Parish Council will be arranging that each new family receives a welcome pack with local information to make them feel more at home.
The developers will be on site until October. There has been some concern about abuse from subcontractors when road blockages have occurred – no resident should have to endure this- so please take the vehicle Number and  dial 101 and ask for PCSO Andy Huckstep. He has instructions to deal with this. Jarvis have been very helpful, and although there has been disruption, I have found them to be most accommodating when an issue has occurred.
I have asked them to produce traffic signs for if and when disruption needs to occur, and there is now a dedicated member on site to co-ordinate deliveries and traffic issues. If any road disruption needs to occur, Mr Jarvis will inform myself, the Parish Council , and the school, so that we can let as many of you know in advance as possible.
5. Taylor Wimpey -Quarry Wood
The planning application will be submitted in June There will be 41 homes, of which 14 should be affordable local needs homes;the working group from Aldington continues to work closely with TW to ensure the best delivery possible.
Taylor Wimpey has a national contract with NHBC, who have had considerable problems with delivery,  where poor quality control has delivered a substandard build on some developments, and so it is important that we are able to negotiate some kind of compromise here that would permit Ashford Borough Council to have some input on this.
It would help if as many of you as possible could send me messages of support, via letter, email or on Facebook ,  for an input from ABC quality assessors on the TW site so that we can be sure to avoid any build challenges on the Quarry Wood site.
6. Site Submissions
Many thanks to all of you who took part in the recent consultations – a report has now been submitted to Ashford Borough Council for consideration- this will be published by the Parish Council shortly and a further consultation on the outcome will take place by the end of 2014 or beginning 2015, once the Councils decision making process is complete.
Our report reflects strongly the summary of your questionnaires and recommends a break for Aldington in planned build
The Aldington & Bonnington Parish Council, together with the Taylor Wimpey Working group, deserve a huge Thank you – they have in the past few months be a massive support and help in all of these issues and I take my hat off to their hard work and dedication on behalf of the village- many thanks all of you!
Lastly but not least – I will be arranging, as promised, a surgery and I will let you all know details as soon as I have them.
Many thanks for reading !!