Site Submissions for Saxon Shore

Full Site submission details of all sites in Saxon Shore Ward can be found below:

SS1 [pdf] 320KB – Cooper’s Field, Aldington

SS2 [pdf] 434KB  – Land adjacent to ‘By-the-way’ Aldington

SS3 [pdf] 758KB  – Land south and west of Quarry Wood, Aldington

SS4 [pdf] 642KB  – Land East of Goldwell Lane, Aldington

SS5 [pdf] 499KB  – Land between Roman Road and Goldwell Lane

SS6 [pdf] 694KB  – Land at Bonnington

SS7 [pdf] 468KB  – Land at Church Road, Smeeth

SS8 [pdf] 226KB – Old Builders Yard. Plain Road, Smeeth

SS9 [pdf] 954KB  – land to west of Station Road, Opposite Evegate, Smeeth

SS10 [pdf] 270KB – The Paddock, Bonnington

SS11 [pdf] 280KB  – North East of Bonnington Court

SS12 [pdf] 647KB  – Nats Lane, The Street, Brook (was originally labelled WY1)

Informal Submission recieved after Call for sites:

SS29 [pdf] 245KB – Land at Calland, Smeeth

SS54 [pdf] 774KB – Land on Church Road, Smeeth