Future development in Saxon Shore

Dear residents

new site recommendations have been made and are now being assessed by Ashford Borough Council.

You as residents will have a chance to see what these sites are and how the¬† recommended developments will affect your area at soon to be arranged “PLAN IT” consultation workshops. The Parish Councils in your area will let you know when these are, and I will post here on my website.

At these workshops you will also get an opportunity to register your objections and to register your wishes if you do not wish any further building to take place.

Aldington in particular, after more than 47% growth in the last 10 years, has a good argument for no further development at this time.

I have also suggested to the Parish Council, that a Neighbourhood Plan team is established from residents in your areas, to be involved in deciding how the village takes shape going forward.

please click  on the link for more information on neighbourhood plans or get in touch: