Rural Broadband update

As many of you are aware Kent County Council has, for the last 18 months leading the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project for Kent. The implementation of this project means, when combined with existing rollout plans, that

  • at least 95% of all properties in Kent will have access to higher-speed fibre-based broadband infrastructure by the end of 2015;
  • every property in the project area will be able to access a broadband service of at least 2Mbps; and
  • In March of this year KCC signed a contract with BT to deliver the project, following an extensive procurement process.

    Since then BT have been planning the most cost effective deployment of the network to maximise coverage for the budget available. The build for the first phase is already underway and surveying/detailed design work for phase two has already started.

    KCC have now released maps and a postcode checker for the BDUK deployment for Kent. This information is available at:

    a minimum of 91% of premises will get superfast broadband of at least 24Mbps.