Quarry Wood development Aldington


There was a very interesting  consultation day, followed by a lively open meeting yesterday.

The Quarry Wood development is one which was outlined in the Core Strategy – the development plan for Ashford. Currently, the developer, Taylor Wimpey, has plans for 41 homes on the land, with 35% affordable housing. A number of residents have voiced their concerns – the principle ones being, density of the properties per acreage , parking, road access, highway and access road size, effects on existing highways, and the ability of the local facilities to be adequate for new development of this size. Additionally, some residents expressed concern over loss of village life, as Aldington, sees yet another building project to add to those of recent years, and those currently on plan.

The meeting was a consultation- Taylor Wimpey are keen to involve the community and to adapt the development taking in Villagers comments wherever possible.

Therefore, I do ask you all to send me your comments and feedback, or to complete the enclosed form and return to Taylor Wimpey or myself.

I have  also added  the link to the Taylor Wimpey website so that you  can  keep up to date on the development.


There will be a further consultation, to present the outcome before the planning process begins.

Download the feedback form by clicking on the below link:

23476_2_Aldington 2pg A4 Feedback Form_V4_AW