Rural Broadband

The issue of rural broadband is never far off our agenda and I just wanted to update you all on recent progress.


KCC & ABC are working on a scheme, BDUK,  to install rural broadband in 90% of Kent and an announcement as to which parts of kent will benefit is imminent this autumn.


Parallel to this, ABC are working together with DEFRA and Shepway District Council on another initiative to ensure that those areas not adequately served by the BDUK scheme, will be adequately provided for.


Both of these projects  are at critical stages , with decisions imminent this autumn. Once the intentions of both projects are on the table, ABC will then create a clear timetable as to what happens and when – probably this will happen in early 2014.


Vfast – a wireless service is available in most areas and there have been discussions,  by some villagers,  about taking this system.

The Vfast system, operates on an Antenna based system, and can be impeded by obstructing buildings and so on as it relies on communication with the next available antenna . Whilst a very good system, ( I myself am a customer ), the Council recommends waiting before making any decisions to take this system across whole villages. The BDUK and Defra funded  systems rely on Fibre optic cabling, and are considered to be the most sustainable and reliable systems going forward.


The rules covering Broadband services are detailed, complex and stringent- and also subject to EU law. currently, these restrict investment in government led projects in areas where alternative commercial services exist.


It is therefore advised, in order to be in line to benefit that we wait that little bit longer to see what the 2 above projects will offer us.


I promise to keep you all posted as to developments