Estate inspections in our area

I now have clarification regarding the Housing estate inspections, planned for Aldington, Bilsington & Ruckinge on Monday 18th November

The Council visits each rural Housing Estate once a year- the aim being to inspect the area and make note of any problems  or areas with need for improvement- rubbish, Fly tipping, areas where maintenance needs to be carried out and so on.

These sessions also take into account residents views and long term problems – such as parking.

Anyone in the village is free to attend, and can contact me or direct Kay Deveraux the officer concerned at ABC on 01233 330373 or

Kay will then advise of the meeting place and time.

Although parking issues and other long – term challenges will not be solved in an instant, this is a perfect way of getting big issues highlighted. In another area of Ashford, this has proved successful in bringing about a long term solution to the Parking problem.

Since in small villages such as ours, the maintenance and long term planning of such estates, affects all residents I would suggest that it  is most certainly worth passing this on to all local residents, and giving them an opportunity to join in.